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The regional network coordinators will post a discussion board question monthly for everyone to get involved.  Follow the links below to the current discussion question to share your projects and find out what others are doing.
The more involved you all are, the better this portion of the site will be, so try to stay involved!

Watch the video to learn how to Voicethread.

Check out my website where I use technology to teach my students study skills tips.

September 4, 2009- D.3 Holistic Development all aspects of the student.

Strand D.3- focusing on building up the students self concept while teaching the content-based knowledge.

May 1, 2009D.9 Faculty and Advisers Closely Monitor Student Progress
Strand D.9- focusing on best practices faculty members use to monitor student performance

April 26, 2009- D8 Developmental Faculty Routinely Share Instructional Strategies
Watch the VoiceThread orientation from Nancy Cook, Sacramento and Central Valley
Regional Network Coordinator for BSI 2009, to find out how to get involved in the regional network discussion boards.