Statewide Communication

May 4, 2009- Information on completing the 2009/2010 Action Plan released.

cropped-san-diego.jpg2009/2010 Action Plan Memo
Preliminary 2009/2010 Allocations
2009/2010 Action Plan and Expenditure Plan

June 13, 2009-Information on completing the 2008/09 End of the Year Expenditure form released.

san-diego-beaches 2008/09 BSI End of the Year Expenditures
A message from Juan Cruz regarding the 2008/09 end of the year report:

Please note that besides the general instructions, specific instructions are provided on each Expenditure Report Form and these require original signatures.  Please send these hard copy originals to the Chancellor’s Office to my attention by July 31, 2009.  A Webinar has been tentatively scheduled for June 25, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. via CCCconfer.   Confirmation of the webinar will be sent out through the CCCconfer webinar scheduled series.  If you have any questions on the Webinar, please contact ET at CCC Confer Client Services, 760-744-1150 x 1554 or at  If you have any questions on the Expenditure Forms, please contact me at your convenience.